Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Breezy Point Vacation

This past week we were lucky enough to take a small family vacation. We went to Breezy Point Resort. We had a good time, the first couple of days it was rainy. We took the boys to the swimming pool. Tyler loved it, but Ryan wasn't so sure. I think Ryan would've liked it more if the kiddie pool was heated. The one day that we were there and it wasn't raining we took the boys outside for a stroll. We went into the gift shop and looked around. One of the ladies that was there saw Ryan and asked me if he could have chocolate, I told her yes and she gave him a big Hershey's candybar. The boys had fun there, but they had a hard time sleeping and I think that it was because it was a strange place and not there own bed. The crib that we used was too small for Tyler so I rolled the comforter up and put in the middle of them with pillows surrounding there heads and feet. I knew that Ryan wouldn't fall off but Tyler moves everywhere while he is sleeping.