Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ryan and Tyler's trip to the zoo

Yesterday we decided to take the boys to the Minnesota Zoo. We had 2 free passes that we got and it helped us with the cost for getting in. It was a nice drive there since Tyler slept the whole way down there. Ryan was asleep and watching the scenery. When we got there we slapped on some sunscreen on the boys and on daddy's head. Don't want any sunburns. We walked around the whole entire zoo. Ryan was just looking around, everytime we would tell Ryan to look at an animal he would just look at us. So we just decided that he can look for himself. We first looked at discovery bay and watched the dolphin swim around. Tyler kept saying fishy fishy. He really liked it when the dolphin swam right in front of where we were. We went and looked at the rest of the animals, but some of them were taking their naps. We went to the Wells Fargo farm house and Tyler petted a kid(baby goat). At first he wasn't so sure about touching it til mommy petted the little one too. We then went and had lunch, the boys were very hungry. Ryan had a stare down with a kid that was sitting next to him. The kid had down syndrome and they both kept looking at each other, I thought it was cute. We then went thru the Northern trails and saw some interesting animals. They have an aquarium that you can see from underneath and that was cool. Tyler kept saying fishy fishy again. Then we went thru the Medtronic Minnesota Trails. It was cool to see some animals from Minnesota that you don't see all the time. Daddy got a good picture of the bald eagle. He also got video of some coyotes doing some naughty stuff, if you get my hint. We then headed home. It was a long day for the boys, but I was glad that the boys got to see some new stuff. On our way home we stopped at target in plymouth to meet a guy that was giving us a gas grill for free. When we were about to leave, 4 deer jumped in front of his truck. Tyler just looked and wondered what they were.
Next trip we will possibly take is to the como zoo. I would like the boys to see other animals that they didn't see at the Minnesota Zoo.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Tyler's Fun Day with Uncle Calvin and Grandma Sherri

Today Tyler got to spend the day with my brother and mother. We were at grandma's house to pick up Uncle Cal and Tyler was walking while holding my hand, but then he decided that he wanted to hold his hand. I was walking behind them and I thought that it was a kodak moment and grabbed my cell to snap a picture. First we went out for breakfast at a place that we haven't been to since they closed the old one. They were excited to see us and especially Tyler. We then went to the Dollar store and Tyler got Grandma to buy him a teddybear and a pair of sunglasses, he looked like a movie star. We then went to the mall and we went to JCPenney and bought Ryan some clippers so that we can cut his hair. They were having a shoe sale for kids and I asked my mom if she could buy the boys a pair of sandals for the summer. She was happy to do that and now we have shoes that they can wear outside. It was a fun day for my brother and Tyler to do some bonding. Tyler enjoyed his self, and was laughing most of the time. I am glad that they have their Uncle in their life. He enjoys spending time with them. He smiles whenever they comeover to visit.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Summer school for Ryan

Ryan is signed up for summer school. I can't believe that is almost here. He will be going 2 days a week, and only 4 days a month until the first week in August then he is officially on summer vacation til september. Ryan gets really excited when he gets ready for school. He just loves it. Since he has started going to school he is more vocal. I think Ryan's favortie part of school is SNACKTIME. The teacher always says that he keeps wanting more snacks when it is time to clean up.

Tyler is taking more steps on his own. It is so cute you see him crawling then he is walking around. He knows how to go up and down the stairs. Excpet yesterday we had an accident. My mom was coming over and Tyler was excited to see here and he forgot that the stairs were there and fell down a couple of stairs. He is ok, it just scared him alittle.