Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rosenthal's Family Vacation

We went on a family vacation for 4 days at Rosenthal's Resort in Danbury, WI. We went with G&G Rolland, AAA, M,D,H,A and V&J. It was beautiful weekend, the weather was great and everyone had a great time.The boys had a good time. Tyler got to run around outside without having to worry about traffic. Cousin Hope helped watch him which was fine with me. I need a break from the boys every now and then. One day we went for a ride on the boat, which was the first boat ride for both of the boys. Ryan enjoyed it except when the sun was in his eyes. We stopped at a sandbar and everyone sat there and talked. Grandpa grabbed Tyler and he put his feet in the lake water. We spent a lot of time at the pool swimming and Tyler loved it he kept splashing and he thought that he was able to swim on his own. I guess I will have to look into swimming lessons for him. We walked down to the docks and watched the girls fish from the dock. Tyler got to touch his first fish and it was real cool to see him actual touch it without screaming. We celebrated Eric's birthday there and had some good cake that grandma made. It was alot of fun everyone enjoyed themselves.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ryan and Tyler's new beds

Eric was on craigslist one day and saw that someone was selling bunk beds with mattresses for $50. He went and picked them up in Plymouth and repainted the bed frames. Beds were in good condition. We went out and bought the boys their first bedding,besides the crib sheets. Ryan got Handy Manny sheets and Tyler got Mickey Mouse.Ryan has been sleeping in his bed for almost a week now and he loves it. He actually doesn't fall out like he did in his toddler bed. I am so glad that the boys have big boy beds. They are growing up so fast. We were going to put them up as bunk beds but we have decided to wait til Tyler is a little bit older to do this. For now we will have the beds separate,don't want Tyler to try and get out of bed and fall and hurt himself.