Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ryan's 1st Day of School

Today was Ryan's 1st day of school. He was been waiting along time. He was excited to get up this morning and get ready for school. We got his back pack ready with the goodies he has to take. He goes to school 3 days a week now from 1-330. He is pretty beat when he gets home. Almost everyday his teacher writes in a notebook and lets us know how Ryan's day was and if there was anything interesting that he did. When we were waiting for the bus this afternoon Ryan kept saying bus,bus. I don't know if he was excited for school or not. He smiled pretty for me to take a couple pictures of him in his chair.

Today his therapist saw him and this is what she said about Ryan:
My name is Mary Jo Frensko and I am the physical therapist at Roosevelt. I had the opportunity to meet Ryan this afternoon. He is a very wonderful little boy and it was fun visiting with him! Staff and I went over some basics today, such as positioning him in his wheelchair with his seat positioned back for good alignment. When he is positioned way back in the chair his trunk looks so nice and he sits nice and tall. The lap belt was snugged comfortably to help keep his seat back. This then prompted me to readjust the head support. I raised it up and pushed it forward slightly. Anyway, I hope these changes are okay with you. We can always make adjustments as needed. One thing that needs to be adjusted is his foot support. It needs to be lowered about 1 inch. I don't usually do this adjustment, rather the wheelchair vendor does this. I could try, however it may not be soon.

This is what his teacher had to say about Ryan:
Ryan had a great first day back. He was very happy and talkative! He has such an awesome personality!

I feel like Ryan has such an awesome attitude is cause all that he has gone thru from birth to now. But also he has LOTS of people that love him. He makes sure that everyone falls in love with him and find a special place in their hearts for him.