Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Past 3 months

We have been so busy as a family the past few months, I haven't had time to write in my blog. I have finally found a few minutes out of my day to update everyone on our life.

Ryan started a new school year. He was so excited to get back to school and riding the big bus. He has grown so much in his vocabulary from school, I am so proud of him.
Eric's step-brother got married. Unfortunately we couldn't go due to a car accident that Eric was in. Driving our van that long of a distance would not be safe.
We celebrated our 3 year anniversary. Couldn't believe that we have been married that long, time goes by so fast when you are truly happy with someone.

This was a busy month for us. We had to find a new home, our old place was in foreclosure and it was not an easy task to try and find a place. We did find a nice place to live and the boys each have their own bedroom. Eric's family came out and helped us move. That was a big task moving. This month is the Annual Halloween parade in Anoka. We decided that we would just go to G&G Rolland's house and spend some time with them. Later that night Grandpa hooked up a trailer to the car and hauled all of us around their area and the kids got to go trick or treating. Each of the boys got a good stash and had lots of fun.

Nothing much happened this month. We just enjoyed spending time with the boys. We had thanksgiving dinner at G&G Rolland's. Both boys enjoyed themselves. They always have fun at G&G's.

This month we got a new addition to the family. My sister-in-law gave birth to a little boy on December 3rd. They named him Dimitri Ivan Musatov. He is such a cutie. I haven't held a baby that small for a long time. He seemed smaller than Tyler, but I guess no one can beat how small Ryan was. We had a festive xmas meal. We decided to not go th traditional way and have something different for the meal. We had a mexican theme with all the fixings. We had Enchiladas, a taco bar and I made 2 different delicious taco dips. We opened gifts and all of the kids got good things this year. Tyler got a bouncy turtle from his godparents and he fell in love with it. He bounces on it whenever he gets a chance. Ryan got legos and his handy manny comforter. He LOVES Handy Manny.

Well it seems like before we know the new year will be upon us. 2009 went by really fast. Hope 2010 is as eventful as 2009 was. Happy New Year to all. See you next year.