Saturday, July 3, 2010

Well the last time that we spoke was a few months back. I am just so busy with Ryan's schedule I don't know how we do it. Last time I was here we spoke about what has happened since February to April,so I guess I will start with May and June.

In May we celebrated April's First Holy Communion and her Birthday. The boys were good for that. It is hard for them to sit too long and be quiet,but I was proud of them. Nothing much really happened in May, it was one of our relaxing months.

Then comes June. Beginning of June was Ryan's last day of school. Then the 3rd week Ryan started summer school. He goes to school 3 days a week. He still has teacher Vicki(whom he loves) and the bus comes and picks him up and drops him off at home.

Ryan had his yearly Ct Scan and xray of his shunt. They checked to make sure that everything is working properly and that the shunt hasn't moved. Well that day we had good news to report. (I myself was a little scared because of all the puking he recently had). The doctor said that everything was looking good and that nothing had changed in the brain. he has enough shunt tubing in his belly still. Once he really grows up they will keep an eye on this cause he will need to get longer tubing. But he has a long ways to go for this. I was just glad to hear that he was good in that department. She noticed in his xray that he had fluid in his left ear and the chest looked a little congested. She told me to get him looked at. Well 2 days later we went to the walk in clinic and he had a small amount of pneumonia in his lungs. I hate hearing that. He was given a strong antibiotic to clear that up and get rid of the fluid in the ear.

Ryan then saw the physiatrist specialist. He gets to have botox injections on his left thumb,left forearm and left upper arm. His thumb still likes to stay tucked under and they say he needs to get this looking normal or we will have big problems down the road. Ryan wears a hard hand splint on his left hand when he goes to bed and he wears a soft one during the day.

We went to a St.Cloud Riverbats game this month also. I won 2 tickets from work and since the boys are 4 and under they were free. It was the first baseball game for the boys. They had a great time. Tyler was getting friendly with some people that were sitting up by us. The guy from the group has some pull with the team and he got both of the boys their very own baseball. That was very nice of the guy. We even got a picture of the boys with the teams mascot.

Now we entering into July and the summer is almost half over. We have 56 days til we leave for vacation at Rosenthals in Wisconsin. I can't wait cause I could really use a vacation and the boys will have fun as well.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Busy Month

WOW!!!! Where has this month gone. It seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating Ryan's birthday and the next thing you know my little boy turned 2 and within the next few days we will be celebrating Easter with the family. Here is a recap of our busy month.

Ryan had his final NICU follow up with all of the doctors, therapist and nutritionist. They were so impressed on how well he is doing and everything that he has accomplished. Of course Ryan has a long ways to go, but he is doing so well right now.

Grandma Terri had a bowling tournament here in St.Cloud. So the boys and I decided we would come and cheer her on. Whenever Grandma knocked down some pins Tyler kept saying 4. Ryan was having fun blowing raspberries at all of the ladies and he was also get passed around being held. I was surprised that they could hold him he is a BIG boy. Tyler had a good time flirting with all of the women. I had to keep chasing him, but of course everyone kept saying that he was so cute. The boys enjoyed seeing Grandma and her friends.

Dimitri our nephew got baptized. He was fine the whole time til he got water on him then he started fussing. Usually the boys are good when they are around alot of people, but Tyler started acting up and then of course Ryan had to join in. It was fun to see family that we haven't seen for awhile. Tyler had fun afterwards he was chasing his cousin April around.

This month we had 3 birthdays to celebrate. Hope and Joe's was on the 12th, mine was on the 13th and little man Tyler was on the 26th.

This month was also a very intriguing month. My father who I haven't really had anything to do with since my parents got divorced, he emailed me kind of a confession email. He was so sorry for doing the things he did and he would like to visit us. He actually bought the boys birthday gifts and he brought something for me from my Uncle Clyde. My Uncle was in Germany and had a plate made with a picture of me when I was 2 years old on it. I really would like him to be in my boys' life. Ryan was ok with him he was playing. Tyler surprisingly was not shy around him, he was showing off his toys and his new hat. I hope that he can continue to be this nice person and actually have a relationship with our family.

That's about it for our bus month. Hope everyone has a great spring and enjoys some of this wonderful weather.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ryan's Bday

It is hard to believe but my big guy is 4 years old. It just seems like yesterday we were all surprised to have him born. Now he is a very good boy. He still has his health problems but he is making people that work with him very proud of his accomplishments. He used not speak that much at all, now he talks alot and sometimes it is hard to understand what he is trying to say. On his birthday we found out that his teacher's birthday was the same day. He got to wear a birthday crown and the kids sang happy birthday to him. On that same day we had a meeting with his school teacher and all the people that work with him at school. They are very impressed on how well he is doing. There are some things that they would like him to accomplish and they will work with him on it. After the meeting we went to Grandma Sherri's house and had pie. He did a great job eating it all by himself. I think more got on his face versus his mouth.

Today(Feb. 6th) we are going to Perkins for dinner with a coworker of mine and some other friends. Because it is his birthday he gets a free kids meal that he will share with his brother. In a week we will be celebrating his birthday with the rest of the family.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

First month of the New Year

Nothing much exciting has happened so far, even though we are only 9 days into the month. When we moved we had to change counties and I was really not happy to leave Sherburne county. Well my gut feeling is coming true. We are on what is called a CSG Grant, basically what it is we get paid for certain things that go above and beyond the call of duty of what a child his age should be doing on their own. Ryan needs a PCA reassessment that determines how much we get, she calls me and lets me know that Ryan's MA has been terminated. As soon as I hear that I call my financial worker to find out what is going on with Ryan's MA(which is his health insurance). She tells me that it isn't terminated, that it goes to the end of February.
We then go to our WIC appointment and the appointment is to be recertification for Ryan. Instead they recertify Tyler and when we speak with the nutritionist she says that Tyler's WIC has been terminated. I am thinking what the %$@#&^. She then say wait he is good til April and that Ryan was supposed to be recertified, but she doesn't understand why he wasn't. After that headache everything was straightened out.
I don't ever want to have to switch counties again. They just get everything so confused.

Ryan has an eye appointment on the 1th and we also meet his new social worker.
Then yesterday Ryan's school teacher emails me saying that it is time that we start thinking about summer school for Ryan. WHAT!!!! it is still wintertime. I guess they just want to be ready for the summer season.
I hope everyone had a happy new year and it continues to be a good one.