Saturday, January 9, 2010

First month of the New Year

Nothing much exciting has happened so far, even though we are only 9 days into the month. When we moved we had to change counties and I was really not happy to leave Sherburne county. Well my gut feeling is coming true. We are on what is called a CSG Grant, basically what it is we get paid for certain things that go above and beyond the call of duty of what a child his age should be doing on their own. Ryan needs a PCA reassessment that determines how much we get, she calls me and lets me know that Ryan's MA has been terminated. As soon as I hear that I call my financial worker to find out what is going on with Ryan's MA(which is his health insurance). She tells me that it isn't terminated, that it goes to the end of February.
We then go to our WIC appointment and the appointment is to be recertification for Ryan. Instead they recertify Tyler and when we speak with the nutritionist she says that Tyler's WIC has been terminated. I am thinking what the %$@#&^. She then say wait he is good til April and that Ryan was supposed to be recertified, but she doesn't understand why he wasn't. After that headache everything was straightened out.
I don't ever want to have to switch counties again. They just get everything so confused.

Ryan has an eye appointment on the 1th and we also meet his new social worker.
Then yesterday Ryan's school teacher emails me saying that it is time that we start thinking about summer school for Ryan. WHAT!!!! it is still wintertime. I guess they just want to be ready for the summer season.
I hope everyone had a happy new year and it continues to be a good one.

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