Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ryan's Bday

It is hard to believe but my big guy is 4 years old. It just seems like yesterday we were all surprised to have him born. Now he is a very good boy. He still has his health problems but he is making people that work with him very proud of his accomplishments. He used not speak that much at all, now he talks alot and sometimes it is hard to understand what he is trying to say. On his birthday we found out that his teacher's birthday was the same day. He got to wear a birthday crown and the kids sang happy birthday to him. On that same day we had a meeting with his school teacher and all the people that work with him at school. They are very impressed on how well he is doing. There are some things that they would like him to accomplish and they will work with him on it. After the meeting we went to Grandma Sherri's house and had pie. He did a great job eating it all by himself. I think more got on his face versus his mouth.

Today(Feb. 6th) we are going to Perkins for dinner with a coworker of mine and some other friends. Because it is his birthday he gets a free kids meal that he will share with his brother. In a week we will be celebrating his birthday with the rest of the family.