Thursday, April 1, 2010

Busy Month

WOW!!!! Where has this month gone. It seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating Ryan's birthday and the next thing you know my little boy turned 2 and within the next few days we will be celebrating Easter with the family. Here is a recap of our busy month.

Ryan had his final NICU follow up with all of the doctors, therapist and nutritionist. They were so impressed on how well he is doing and everything that he has accomplished. Of course Ryan has a long ways to go, but he is doing so well right now.

Grandma Terri had a bowling tournament here in St.Cloud. So the boys and I decided we would come and cheer her on. Whenever Grandma knocked down some pins Tyler kept saying 4. Ryan was having fun blowing raspberries at all of the ladies and he was also get passed around being held. I was surprised that they could hold him he is a BIG boy. Tyler had a good time flirting with all of the women. I had to keep chasing him, but of course everyone kept saying that he was so cute. The boys enjoyed seeing Grandma and her friends.

Dimitri our nephew got baptized. He was fine the whole time til he got water on him then he started fussing. Usually the boys are good when they are around alot of people, but Tyler started acting up and then of course Ryan had to join in. It was fun to see family that we haven't seen for awhile. Tyler had fun afterwards he was chasing his cousin April around.

This month we had 3 birthdays to celebrate. Hope and Joe's was on the 12th, mine was on the 13th and little man Tyler was on the 26th.

This month was also a very intriguing month. My father who I haven't really had anything to do with since my parents got divorced, he emailed me kind of a confession email. He was so sorry for doing the things he did and he would like to visit us. He actually bought the boys birthday gifts and he brought something for me from my Uncle Clyde. My Uncle was in Germany and had a plate made with a picture of me when I was 2 years old on it. I really would like him to be in my boys' life. Ryan was ok with him he was playing. Tyler surprisingly was not shy around him, he was showing off his toys and his new hat. I hope that he can continue to be this nice person and actually have a relationship with our family.

That's about it for our bus month. Hope everyone has a great spring and enjoys some of this wonderful weather.

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