Friday, December 26, 2008

1st Christmas for Tyler/ December activities

2 days before we went to Grandma Terri's house for xmas, Ryan help made cut out sugar cookies. Grandma Sherri helped him roll out the dough and even cut the dough. Ryan was so happy that he got to help us make cookies. He even tried to sneak in a bite of the cookie dough without anyone noticing, but he forgot that his mother has hawk eyes and notices this.

This holiday season was special for us, it was Tyler's first christmas and he made out like a bandit with lots of gifts. He didn't open any of his gifts or even look at what he got. He REALLY liked being the middle of grandma's living room surrounded by wrapping paper. I guess we could've saved our money and just given him paper. He really likes one of the toys that his brother got, they actually fought over who would get to play with it. Even though Ryan isn't as strong as Tyler, Ryan knows how to hold to things when he wants them. Tyler really likes hearing the music play, he sits there and starts dancing. Tyler was wearing his big brother's santa outfit that Ryan wore when he was 6 months old. Even though Tyler is almost 9 months we were able to squeeze him into it.

Earlier this month Tyler and Ryan got to party with their Auntie Anna for her 30th birthday party. Even though it was her day Ryan tried to steal the spotlight by flirting with all of his great aunts and a couple of grandma's friends. Both of my boys are flirts, I will have to deadbolt their bedroom doors when they get to the dating age.

In a couple days the boys get to party with Grandpa Steve's family. Ryan has been saying Debbie alot lately so I think he is saying this cause he has a great aunt named Debbie, he was flirting with her at the birthday party. At the end of the year is always the busiest time to be with your family. It is hard for some people when they have LOTS of family to visit in a short time. This year is wrapping up so fast I can't believe where the time has gone. We have been a very busy family and we keep getting busier everyday.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Breezy Point Vacation

This past week we were lucky enough to take a small family vacation. We went to Breezy Point Resort. We had a good time, the first couple of days it was rainy. We took the boys to the swimming pool. Tyler loved it, but Ryan wasn't so sure. I think Ryan would've liked it more if the kiddie pool was heated. The one day that we were there and it wasn't raining we took the boys outside for a stroll. We went into the gift shop and looked around. One of the ladies that was there saw Ryan and asked me if he could have chocolate, I told her yes and she gave him a big Hershey's candybar. The boys had fun there, but they had a hard time sleeping and I think that it was because it was a strange place and not there own bed. The crib that we used was too small for Tyler so I rolled the comforter up and put in the middle of them with pillows surrounding there heads and feet. I knew that Ryan wouldn't fall off but Tyler moves everywhere while he is sleeping.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Summer is over. Now begins the cold weather.

A new school year has started for Ryan. He has a new school teacher that comes out to the house once a week. Yesterday was her first day meeting the big boy. Ryan still sees a PT and OT therapist 2 times a week and they just adore him. Ryan got another haircut this past week. His OT therapist lets us borrow her clippers to shave his head. This time around Ryan didn't fuss that much when I was shaving his head. Ryan has been starting to say more words that you can actually understand what they are. Here are a few words that he says now: hi, bye, bubbles, waa waa(water), milk, big boy,mom, dad. I am so proud of my big boy, he has come along way since he was born. He will be starting to get botox therapy in his left leg and left arm to relax his muscles. Once these start the therapists can work with him and his braces better and maybe within a few months or so Ryan will be walking. It is my dream to see him walking, whenever I think about it I get teary eyed. After Ryan turns 3 he will be going to school once a week. A bus will come and pick him up and he will be in his chair. He will be there for about 2 hours once a week I believe. He will be interacting with kids that are like him. He will have his own teacher and learn some interesting things. ( I guess I am going to have to buy Ryan a school backpack soon). Once we know more everyone will be informed.

Now for Tyler. He is just the best little baby anybody can ask for. He is starting to be more vocal and do things on his own. He rolls around on the living room floor, chasing after Ryan and his toys. He will lay on his stomach and play with anything that you put in front of him. He loves sitting in his walker and rolling on the kitchen floor. Pretty soon he will be crawling and then we will be in for some trouble. Both Tyler and Ryan roll over by daddy's surround sound and dvd player and they turn them on. Ryan turns on the surround sound and then he turns it up and we all lose our hearing then. Tyler drinks about 8oz of formula and he has started eating some solids. We fed him rice cereal and corn w/sweet potatoes and he just loved it. When it comes to feeding him it will be a challenge cause he likes to put his hands in front of his face when you go to feed him. Tyler loves taking baths and he even gets fussy when it is time to get out. He is starting to wear some of Ryan's old clothes. When I put some of them on him it brings back memories of when Ryan wore them. It is hard to believe that Ryan wore them at 6-7 months and Tyler is wearing them at 5 months. Tyler's feet are longer than Ryan's, so all of those baby shoes of Ryan's that I kept don't fit Tyler.

We are going to have a busy fall/winter months with these 2. The neighbors girls love playing with the boys. One of them has even asked if they can play with Ryan and Tyler outside once it snows. I think that it is cute.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer Activities

It has been a VERY busy summer for the Hedberg family. Tyler turned 4 months old on July 26th and on th 27th he was baptized. He wore daddy's baptismal outfit and he looked so handsome in it. Ryan is adjusting to life with another little one in the household. Ryan and Tyler now share a bedroom and it is fun to listen to them in the morning gabbing to each other. Tyler has learned how to roll over and he is slowly starting to learn how to crawl. Each of my boys have their own little attitude. Tyler is going to be the feisty one while Ryan will be the quiet one.

We took the boys to the Benton County fair this past weekend. It was Tyler's first fair and Ryan's 2nd. We looked at the farm animals and listened to couple of bands. The boys are keeping us very busy this summer. Tyler now eats rice cereal, he loves it. He seems to get more on his face then what he gets in his mouth. Ryan is now enjoying eating good food versus baby food. He likes certain foods and he spits out the foods that he doesnt like. I am so proud of my boys. I couldn't ask for anything else. I wouldn't trade them for all the girls in the world. I think I will keep them, at least for awhile(hehehe).

I can't believe that summer is almost over with. Before you know it we will be seeing that icky white stuff on the ground. I hope everyone had a great summer and kept cool.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Update on the boys in my life

Summer is here and the kids are outside playing. We bought a family size pool for our boys. Ryan likes to watch us splash at each other. He has gone in but he isn't so sure about the pool yet. We haven't tried putting Tyler in yet. I can't believe that Tyler is 3 months old, he is a bundle of energy. He is now learning to reach for his toes. He is also very vocal, it is cute when you are talking to him it seems like he is putting in his 2 cents. He sleeps thru the night and when he is awake he keeps us busy. I believe that when he starts to walk we will be running after him ALOT. Ryan is doing great, he gets around on the floor by scooting on his back. Ryan has just learned about daddy's surround sound and other electronics under the tv. He scoots himself over there and plays with the knobs. He also one time pushed a video tape into the vcr, so we have to keep an eye on him also. Both of our boys are going to keep us on our toes. I have just noticed that Tyler's eye are changing colors. It seems he was born with blue eyes, but now they look like they are turning brown. Hope everyone has a safe and fun summer. Don't forget to use that sunscreen.

Monday, June 9, 2008

1st Family Outing

This past Saturday we took the boys to Lake George here in town. We walked around and enjoyed the beautiful day. They have a splash park right near by so we went to check that out, daddy got close to almost getting Ryan wet. Ryan enjoyed watching the water go up and down. We then found a swing sat a swung for awhile then had a little lunch. We walked over to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial that they have been working on for the past year, it was really nice. We were on our way home and we noticed that some of the roads were closed off. We went up to check it out and found that there was going to be a parade. We decided to unload they boys and enjoy the parade. Ryan really liked it especially the little go carts and some of the clowns. This was Tyler's first parade, even though he couldn't see much he was enjoying himself. When they would rev up the motorcycles Tyler did get startled and started crying for just a little bit. We all got a little sun, except for Tyler. It is time to start packing the sunscreen. We enjoyed taking the boys out and look forward to many fun outings.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Another busy week in the Hedberg's Life

Ryan had another surgery to fix his shunt. The top part of the shunt malfunctioned and they put a new one in. Hope fully this will be the last of the surgeries for a long time. Ryan came home Saturday afternoon and when he woke up the next morning he had a slight temp and his eye was looking funny. I look in the baby medical book and I find out that he has Pink eye. Now we have to get him medicine for that. We have decided that Ryan will be getting his head completely shaved due to the last surgery they cut more hair off and now he looks really funny. Ryan is back to his old self again, playing laughing and having a good ole time.

Tyler his brother has been a good boy. He will be 2 months old in a week(where has the time gone). He laughs and smiles at. He is starting to see things and he enjoys kicking his legs everywhere. He is a independent little guy but he will let you know when he is hungry, and you better get that bottle pronto.

We enjoy having our boys around they keep us busy. Daddy loves playing with both of his boys and laughs at Tyler alot.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Tyler's first Bath

Tyler has finally been able to take a bath in his little tub. We were waiting for his little belly button to fall off before he got one, otherwise he was getting sponge baths. He was not very happy to get a bath. He screamed the whole time til he got covered up with the towel. Hopefully as he gets older he will like bath time just like his big brother. A picture of Tyler taking his first bath will be up soon.

Tyler is 1 1/2 months old and he is a good little boy. We are learning all new things with him. We would of known about these things with Ryan but he spent the first 6 months of his life in the hospital. We are having new challenges everyday with the little guy and also with seeing how Ryan is dealing with his new little brother. Ryan is very protective of his brother. Whenever Tyler cries or makes a noise Ryan looks right at him to see what is going on.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Brotherly Love

Just to show you that brothers can get along. Ryan is 2 years old and Tyler's 3 weeks old, and at the moment they are getting along just fine. Give them a few more years and they won't be such happy boys(at least not all the time). Ryan is still trying to adjust to having a baby brother. He is very careful when playing with him, but when brother starts fussing Ryan pushes him away.