Saturday, September 6, 2008

Summer is over. Now begins the cold weather.

A new school year has started for Ryan. He has a new school teacher that comes out to the house once a week. Yesterday was her first day meeting the big boy. Ryan still sees a PT and OT therapist 2 times a week and they just adore him. Ryan got another haircut this past week. His OT therapist lets us borrow her clippers to shave his head. This time around Ryan didn't fuss that much when I was shaving his head. Ryan has been starting to say more words that you can actually understand what they are. Here are a few words that he says now: hi, bye, bubbles, waa waa(water), milk, big boy,mom, dad. I am so proud of my big boy, he has come along way since he was born. He will be starting to get botox therapy in his left leg and left arm to relax his muscles. Once these start the therapists can work with him and his braces better and maybe within a few months or so Ryan will be walking. It is my dream to see him walking, whenever I think about it I get teary eyed. After Ryan turns 3 he will be going to school once a week. A bus will come and pick him up and he will be in his chair. He will be there for about 2 hours once a week I believe. He will be interacting with kids that are like him. He will have his own teacher and learn some interesting things. ( I guess I am going to have to buy Ryan a school backpack soon). Once we know more everyone will be informed.

Now for Tyler. He is just the best little baby anybody can ask for. He is starting to be more vocal and do things on his own. He rolls around on the living room floor, chasing after Ryan and his toys. He will lay on his stomach and play with anything that you put in front of him. He loves sitting in his walker and rolling on the kitchen floor. Pretty soon he will be crawling and then we will be in for some trouble. Both Tyler and Ryan roll over by daddy's surround sound and dvd player and they turn them on. Ryan turns on the surround sound and then he turns it up and we all lose our hearing then. Tyler drinks about 8oz of formula and he has started eating some solids. We fed him rice cereal and corn w/sweet potatoes and he just loved it. When it comes to feeding him it will be a challenge cause he likes to put his hands in front of his face when you go to feed him. Tyler loves taking baths and he even gets fussy when it is time to get out. He is starting to wear some of Ryan's old clothes. When I put some of them on him it brings back memories of when Ryan wore them. It is hard to believe that Ryan wore them at 6-7 months and Tyler is wearing them at 5 months. Tyler's feet are longer than Ryan's, so all of those baby shoes of Ryan's that I kept don't fit Tyler.

We are going to have a busy fall/winter months with these 2. The neighbors girls love playing with the boys. One of them has even asked if they can play with Ryan and Tyler outside once it snows. I think that it is cute.