Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tyler's Birthday Party

This past sunday we celebrated Tyler's 1st birthday. He invited lots of people, we celebrated it in Grandma and Grandpa's garage. We had good food, that he just ate up. He got lots of good gifts. He got Teddy Rukpin from G&G Rolland. He loves to sit and watch a stuff animal read a story to him. He got his 1st plate, fork and knife from AAA. He also got Handy Manny jammies and a sweatshirt hoodie. From DMHA he got the bee movie and a sweatshirt hoodie. One of Grandma's friends was there also. She gave him little cars/trains to play with. From VJ he got a card and lots of lovin from both of them. He actually can look at Joe and not cry. G&G Hedberg gave him a card with $20 to go shopping and get his own gift. He got a basketball hoop from his Grandma Remmers and Uncle Calvin. And from his parents and big bro he got a dump truck that he can ride on and play with. We had a good time. Tyler also got to eat his own piece of cake and at first he wasnt too sure about it, he then got frosting on his fingers and a little on his mouth. Pics coming later.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Tyler

Tyler when he was first born.

Today is Tyler's 1st birthday. He has been on this earth a whole year. He celebrated his special day by getting a gift from grandma sherri and a co-worker of mom's. He got a basketball hoop that he can play with and also his big brother can play. He got 2 pairs of shorts and a shirt from my co-worker. On Sunday he gets to party with everybody else at grandma and grandpa rolland's house. The theme for his birthday party is going to be Mickey Mouse. He LOVES watching mickey mouse clubhouse in the morning. It is hard to believe how much he has grown up. He is a challenge but we appreciate having him in our life. He loves his big brother. He tries to get Ryan to do things with him and it is cute to see them interact with each other. I know the next year will be even more challenging he will be walking around and REALLY getting into things.

Tyler 1 year of age

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Last few days events

On Saturdy since it was almost 90 degrees out, we decided to take the boys for a walk. I asked Ryan if he wanted to go outside and he said yes. Tyler squealed the whole time we were walking. He loved watching all of the vehicles. It was nice to get out of the house and be outside. When we were walking I saw some people were bbqing. I think I will wait til the snow is gone some more.

Monday Ryan had Physical Therapy. I called his therapist before she saw him to ask if she can see if his chair needs to be adjusted. It just seems like it needs to be, his abdomen is getting bigger and it looks to me like it is squishing him. She said that Sherri his Occupational therapist will check it out on Friday. I also asked his therapist if we could borrow her clippers, it is hair cutting time for Ryan again.

Tuesday Ryan went back to school after spring break, he was so excited to go. He keeps mention ing the name Amy, so I am wondering if that is one of the kids. Jokingly I ask Ryan if that is his girlfriend. When they were in the motor room, Ryan played in the ball pit. He had so much fun playing with the balls. He also rolled down on wedges and just enjoyed that. When he was getting of the bus when he got home, the helper on the bus told me that he slept on the way home again. He does so much work there that it wore him out. Which is a good thing.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Some cute things

I thought I would share some cute things that Tyler and Ryan do.

Every morning when the boys wake up, I get tyler out of his crib and he goes right over to Ryan's bed and gets in with him. He then plays with ryan for a bit and if he finds Ryan's nuke he puts in Ryan's mouth for him.

Tyler is starting to sound out more words. He can almost say bye bye. It has been very cute watching him grow up.

In 12 days Tyler will be a year old. Boy was it a big difference watching him grow up than it was Ryan. But we love both of our boys the same. I think Tyler is beginning to realize that Ryan is somewhat different from him. I contacted the lady from UCP(United Cerebral Palsy) and I asked if she had anything to help siblings deal with their other siblings handicap.

Tyler has been eating more table foods. He sits in his little booster cahir and he loves it when he gets to put the food in his mouth like a big boy. He no longer likes us to help him eat. Some of his favs are: cheerios, all veggies so far, any meats, pasta, eggs, peanut butter toast, pbj sandwiches, anything that we are eating that isn't too spicy for him, juice, donuts, cheese. And as his cousin April would say"He REALLY likes cheese".

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Phy Ed at school

Friday Ryan had phy ed class at school. They put him on trike and took a pic of him. He enjoed being on the trike so much, now at home he keeps asking for the bike. I talked to his teacher and she says that everyone just loves him, he is a very good boy.