Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ryan's new achievement/Tyler's new achievements

Ryan has started doing something new. He can now hold a cup with handles and drink for himself. He can also hold the non handle sippy cup. It is nice to see him do this. Maybe now we won't have to help him drink. If we do that is fine. It is just nice to see him do something on his own. He still likes to get up on his feet and try walking. Seeing this makes us happy.

Tyler has also been trying to take more steps on his own. He did take steps on Easter for Grandpa Steve. We would like to see him start doing this here. He also can climb upstairs and onto the furniture. We really have to keep an eye on him now.

Ryan and Tyler have been eating some new foods. Tyler likes strawberries, but Ryan doesn't. Tyler really likes strawberries with whip cream.

Tyler has been saying a few more words. He now says: dad, papa,mom,nana( which means banana),uh oh,cracker.

On Monday Ryan starts seeing the new therapist for Occupational therapy. His Physical Therapist Sheila says that she has seen improvement in Ryan. He is trying to roll on his left side, it is hard for him but we help him and then he finishes rolling. She has him on his tummy and he actually doesn't fuss now. He is using his muscles to lift up his head, which what she wants to see.

Both boys are being VERY challenging for mommy and daddy. What new achievements will we have to report in the next few weeks.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

This Past Week of events

This week has been very busy for our family.

On Monday, Ryan had an eye appointment and we got good news. Ryan was having eye drops put in his left eye to dilate it. We did this so that his right eye would learn to focus and stop the shaking. When we went to the doctor she was very impressed on how well Ryan's eyes were looking. We no longer have to give him eye drops. He goes back in 3 months to have another check up and they will dilate his eyes at that time to check the back of his eyes. Hopefully at the same time they will say that he still doesn't need any eye drops.

Wednesday was his last day of having home care therapy. It was hard for me to see this happen, Ryan has become very attached to this therapist and she just adored Ryan. Whenever she came out she would say, that seeing Ryan makes her day.

Thursday Ryan had his first dentist appointment. He did a good job. He was a big boy. He fussed a little bit when the nurse was cleaning his teeth. He really cried when the dentist was trying to clean the tartar off the back of his bottom teeth. The dentist told us that he has a couple more teeth coming in the back. So I now have 2 kids cutting teeth. Ryan goes back in 6 months for another check up. When Ryan turns 7 they will put sealant on his molars to help keep them from getting cavities. And then once he has turned 12 he graduates to the big dentist.

Another week in the busy life of the Hedbergs.

Something cute that I just saw while I was typing this blog. Tyler had a sippy cup with juice in it. He was drinking it. He then put it in Ryan's mouth to let him get a drink. What a nice little brother Ryan has.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter with the family

Happy Easter everyone. Yesterday we spent the day with family. We enjoyed a fabulous meal that everyone pitched in to make. After we rested our tummy's we played a couple of games. First we played egg catch, everyone was partnered up with someone other than their spouse. My partner was Adam and we won the game. We didn't break our egg at all. 2nd we played an egg relay that was fun. Eric won that game. We also celebrated grandpa's birthday we had cake and ice cream. Then we just vegged for awhile. We had a couple of exciting things happen yesterday. My sister in law Anna found out that she is pregnant. Another little bundle of joy. Then my youngest Tyler took his 1st step walking to grandpa's arms. That was the greatest thing to see. We tried having him walk to grandma but he just stood there. Hope everyone else had a good easter with family. Congratulations to Anna again,

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Out Patient Physical Therapy for Ryan

Since Ryan now goes to school, he will be starting outpatient therapy versus home care therapy. He starts Physical Therapy at the clinic on April 6th. He will be going to the clinic 2 times a wekk. Ryan's week will be extremely busy for him now. The only time he gets to rest will be on the weekend Here is what Ryan's week will look like: Monday-10am physical therapy, 11:30am Occupational therapy at home, Tuesday-8:30-12:15 school, Wednesday-11:00am Occupational therapy at home, Thursday-11am physical therapy at the clinic, Friday-8:30-12:15 school. We are on the waiting list for Occupational Therapy at the clinic. Ryan is such a busy boy I need an assistant to help keep up with our scheduling. I am glad that Tyler is young enough that we don't have alot going on with him right now. We talked to the primary person that will be in charge of Ryan's therapy and she wanted to know what our goals for Ryan were. Eric and I both agreed that we would like to see Ryan be able to get around himself, that includes walking. She told us that those were doable goals. Ryan is wearing knee mobilizers for a few minutes each day working up to a goal time. He wears these to help stretch his hamstrings so that he can sit. She will also be working with him to get trunk and head control to where he holds himself up. I will keep the blog up to date on new things that Ryan is working on and any goals that he has achieved.