Monday, March 14, 2011

February month of a birthdays

February is a busy month with 4 family members birthdays. Vanessa Ryan's godmother and aunt's is a day before his. Ryan's is the 3rd. Grandpa Jay and Uncle Cal and godfather is on the 20th. We celebrated Ryan's 5th birthday party at Godfather's pizza. We had the pizza buffet and cake from Walmart. Everyone had a great time. The kids enjoyed playing the arcades and Hope enjoyed trying to win items with the claw. She won small balls for all of her cousins. Tyler loved chasing Ally around. Dimitri was showing off his new walking skills. he will soon be able to keep up with the other kids.
Ryan had a doctor's appointment due to him vomiting at night. He would only do this then. He got an xray of his abdomen and it was to be known that he was backed up with poop. At that same time we were told that there was a foreign object in his right lower abdomen. I was stunned and wondered what it could be. We then had a follow up appointment within the next 4 days. He was no longer puking but he was starting to REALLY poop alot(which is a good thing). They took another xray then and the screw was still there. Ryan then went and saw her again in a week to see if the screw had moved or not. When they did the xray,it was still in the same spot. She didn't want to see him for 3 weeks,cause too many xrays and radiation can have an affect on him. I am hoping and praying that he poops it out before the next visit. If it has not moved by they next time she sees him,they will have to schedule an appointment with a GI Specialist and have a tube go in and retrieve the object.
On February 20th we celebrated Grandpa Jay's birthday at the waterpark inside of Holiday Inn. Tyler enjoyed himself and loved the water. Ryan had a blast himself. The water was a little cold,but once you got used to it,it was fine. We had pizza and birthday cake. We got to play arcade games.

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